Tips for Students to Keep Their Hostel Room Clean and Organized!

Living away from your home is no less than a challenge. Even hostels are sometimes nightmare because you never know who will end up with whom as a roommate. There is a chance that the room allotted to you could be smaller than the one you have back at home. Moreover, living in a small place with all your belongings can have you stressed out sometimes. However, if you keep everything well ordered, you would be doing a huge favor to yourself.

Tips for Students to Keep Their Hostel Room Clean and Organized!
Tips for Students to Keep Their Hostel Room Clean and Organized!

Thus, we have brought up some ideas to make your hostel room feel as homey as your room back at home.

Get a cutlery tray:

You might be thinking why on earth would anyone have a cutlery tray in their hostel room, right? For stationary! Nobody likes to dig around and turn their drawer upside down while looking for things such as pens, paper clips, stapler pins, and other stationery items that have disappeared. A cutlery tray would help you keep stuff in order since it has sections that you can use for different stationary items. Also, it is cheap. So, grab one and put it in your drawer. No more panicking over your lost stuff that is there, but you cannot see it.


Corkboard lets you have your accessories all hung up and ready-to-use. It doesn’t only become the storage place for your jewelry but also adds to the décor of your room. Get the thumbtacks to stick them to the corkboard. Arrange your necklaces in a way that they are easy to pick, and they don’t get tangled. They are usually of different lengths so you have to keep them in accordance with that.

Ice cubes tray for earing:

All the pairs of earing are not of the same size and the small ones can give you a tough time when one of them is matching your outfit perfectly, but you cannot seem to find the other piece. Such a situation can make every girl freak out. Ice cube trays can help you avoid such a situation. You don’t need some expensive jewelry boxes to keep them. You can store your earrings as well as rings on these trays.

Use curtain hoops for your scarves:

When you are in college, you have to keep your scarves in a row to stay ready for any occasion. To keep it minimal, you need just one hanger for multiple scarves and use the shower curtain hoops to separate them.

Keep a vacuum cleaner:

Consider a vacuum cleaner as a necessity when collecting stuff for your hostel room. You cannot keep the mess around yourself for long. A vacuum would be your lifesaver when you are just sick of your messy room. For a hostel room, you don’t need an expensive and some multifunctional vacuum cleaner. You can get the best vacuum under 100. However, there are numerous vacuum cleaners under $100 that are not only cheap on quality but would also wake the students in other rooms with its noise.

What should you do in that case? You shouldn’t just pick one just because it is cheap. You should know about the manufacturer. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for a hard floor, VonHaus can serve you the best. It is not only budget-friendly but also provides the best quality. Furthermore, it works for low pile carpeting and woven rugs. There is another brand by the name of Bissel cleanview, which is specifically for carpets. However, if you are looking for something that can do both, go for Shark Navigator. These three brands have proved to be the best vacuum cleaner providers with their quality.