Should You Get A Water Softener For Your Dorm?

Are you a student? Do you live in your own dorm?  Then getting to everything you need to do can probably be quite challenging.  Life isn’t always easy for a student, especially if you have hard water in your dorm. 

Hard water is water that consists of lots of mineral deposits.  The water tastes unpleasant and causes all sorts of problems.  When you wash your clothing everything feels hard and stiff.  White clothing and light clothing has a tendency to get stained and yellow no matter how much washing powder you use.  Your bathtubs and sinks are covered in soap scum and your glass shower probably has lots of watermarks on them. 

If you have hard water then you certainly need a water softener.  These handy machines will ease your life in the dorm in the following ways;

tap water
tap water

You Can Drink Tap Water

It is unhealthy to drink hard water.  All of those minerals and toxins can get absorbed in your bloodstream and will affect your health.  Hard water can cause all sorts of medical problems such as problem skin, thinning hair, rashes, and dry and flaky skin.  If you get a water softener you can start drinking your tap water and your health won’t be affected negatively anymore.

Water Tastes Better

When all of those mineral deposits and toxins have been cleaned from your water supply, your water will taste a lot more refreshing. 

You Will Save Money

With these handy devices, you no longer have to buy water.  This can save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

Better Care for Your Clothing

Soft water doesn’t have any mineral deposits that can stain or discolor your clothes.  Your laundry will come out much better and your clothing will last a lot longer.  All fabric items will also feel much softer.

Less Cleaning In the Bathroom

You don’t have to scrub your bathroom as much if you have softer water because softer water doesn’t cause watermarks, white spots or soap scum on your bathroom and glassware.

Cleaner Dishes

Hard water causes a lot of white marks on your glassware.  With softer water, you can drip dry glasses and glassware without having to deal with those annoying marks that make your dishes look dirty even though they might be washed.

Whiter Teeth

Hard water causes your teeth to stain and become yellow.  If you drink softer water your teeth aren’t as likely to stain.  It is especially important to drink soft water if you are wearing braces or if you just had your teeth whitened.  They will remain beautifully white for much longer. Not sure what water softener to buy?  The information here on Soft Water Filtration can help guide you towards the best water softener for your need.  The site features reviews on different types and brands of water softeners and gives you a much better idea of the size of softener you will need if you are going to be doing your laundry and taking showers as well as drink the water.