Scholarships for Political Science Hopefuls

The ever dramatic world of politics keeps some people hopeful for more entertainment if not at least a few good one-liners. As we near the next presidential election we find ourselves in a political conundrum in which picking the least of two evils doesn’t even seem possible anymore.

Now we need a third and fourth, possibly even a fifth party, to come to our rescue. But if we don’t understand the whys and wherefores of the political world we will probably never see it altered for our well-being. This is exactly why we need more young people to venture into the world of political science. However, the state of the economy can prove to be quite a hindrance.

While people like Mark Dubowitz are arguing on Capitol Hill and trying to defend this country from its terrorist attackers, so many of us are barely getting by. And, as much as parents would like to provide for their children’s educations, the money just isn’t there to do it. Thankfully, there are scholarships for young people bent on making a difference in this country. Check them out!

Scholarships for Political Science Hopefuls

7 Scholarships for Political Science Students

Many of these scholarships are in honor of politically active people that came before you. Please do their memories well by working to sustain and improve our great nation.

  1. Virginia and Frank Misselhorn Memorial Scholarship– Focused on supporting counterintelligence and national security workers, the Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc. is offering this scholarship. Students interested in this line of work would do well to make contact with Mark Dubowitz and his Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Learn more about that here.
  2. The California Federation of Republican Women’s President Ronald Reagan Scholarship- This $2000 scholarship is available to registered Republican undergraduate women studying communications, political science, or law.
  3. NFRW Betty Rendel Scholarship- Three scholarships of $1000 each are given to Republican women who have completed at least 2 years of school and are studying government, political science, or economics. The scholarship is named after the National Federation of Republican Women’s past president, Betty Rendel. Read more.
  4. Michael P. Murphy Public Service Graduate Scholarship- Backed by the Dyson Foundation in honor of Michael P. Murphy, this annual scholarship is only available to residents of Duchess County. They must be currently enrolled in, or getting ready to attend, graduate school for purposes of pursuing a government-focused career.
  5. GWCF National Scholarship Competition- All high school seniors endeavoring to pursue a career in government are welcome to compete. An essay is required for participation in the competition. Learn about the GWCF here.
  6. Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship- Designed for current college-aged juniors and seniors, all applicants must be seeking degrees in political science, government, history, or economics.
  7. Charles Koch Foundation Dissertation Grant- Having supported programs for the less fortunate for over 50 years, the Charles Koch Federation continues to do so through support of the study of free societies. They offer dissertation grants to help current PhD students desiring a career in academia in the philosophy, political science, or history arena.

Don’t be afraid to pursue your political science interests. Even when your peers are telling you it’s a lost cause or “boring.” Without innovative leadership and people willing to really look back on the historic documents that founded this country, we will lose all our forefathers designed and died for.