How Student Mothers Can Choose A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a must-have to all parents and not only student mothers. They come with so much convenience giving you the freedom of doing what you want without having to worry on the state of your child. Gone are the days that you had to be there with your child to watch over them. Right now, they can be in their room while you study or run your errands all thanks to technology. There are however many baby monitors on the market and it may get confusing which one to choose. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for a baby monitor includes:

How Student Mothers Can Choose A Baby Monitor
How Student Mothers Can Choose A Baby Monitor

Technology it uses

Some monitors use different technologies but you should check out for the one that uses DECT technology since is uses low-frequency band which is way better than the 2.4GHz that is commonly used by many devices. With DECT you can be sure of clear sound and can help you do voice-only communication.

Power source

Baby monitors can use different sources of power and its better to go for a battery powered baby monitor since it is not at all times that you will be plugged into an electric source. It is better to go for rechargeable batteries otherwise you have to go to the store all the time for batteries since the handset will always be on most of the time.


Even though you will have the monitor in a static place probably in the baby’s room, you will need portable receivers that you can move with around the house. Some monitors have several handsets that you can alternate while recharging.

Night Vision video technology

You need a monitor with a night vision display since the baby will be asleep in a dark place and thus there is likelihood that the video and audio will not be as clear. The best part is that some models give you the flexibility of adjusting the brightness too.

Interference filters

This has an influence on the clarity of sound or video coming from the handset. You want a monitor so that you can see him or hear him. Interference filters will filter out white noise helping you to gain more clarity.

Light up sound indicator

As much as monitors come equipped with many features, having a light-up sound indicator as it will help you track your little one’s noise level regardless of the volume level.

Sound activation

When a monitor has sound activation, it means that the speaker will only be activated when a baby’s cry is detected. It will not be on throughout like an air conditioner.

Cost of the monitor

Baby monitors come with different costs depending on their make and quality. It also depends on the features that come with the monitor. It is therefore important to search around the market to get the best value for your money.