Sell Smoked Meats on Campus to Make Some Extra Cash

Not all students are fortunate enough to have their parents pay all of their living cost and studies.  There are plenty of students out there who have to get by with the bare essentials during these expensive study times.   If you are one of those who have to work for a few pennies of extra spending money then you are probably always looking for some way to make money on the sideline.

Selling smoked meats on campus can be a great way for you to make some extra cash to help pay off those study loans. 

There is just something about smoked meats that is absolutely divine.  These meats are quite expensive to buy in stores and you can prepare them yourself at a fraction of the cost.  Sell your smoked meat sandwiches or meals during lunch breaks on campus and you could make a small fortune while you are studying.

Sell Smoked Meats on Campus to Make Some Extra Cash
Sell Smoked Meats on Campus to Make Some Extra Cash

You Will Need a Meat Smoker

One of the first things you will need is a good quality meat smoker.  These devices are designed to build pressure inside and heat inside the smoker and automatically smoke your meat over a period of time. Modern smokers even come with wood chip loading system that loads chips automatically to keep the heat and smoke levels nice and high.  With the best wood pellet grill, you can smoke meats and grill meats at the same time if you would prefer to sell more than just smoked meats to make some extra money.

Best Food Types to Sell On Campus

It is important to choose the right type of foods to sell if you want to make a good profit.  Students want something tasty and filling to eat that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Here is a quick list of the best campus foods to sell if you want to make money from smoked foods.

Hotdogs – Hot dogs with smoked sausages are always a winner. These foods are quick to prepare and easy to grab and munch between classes.

Hamburgers – Tasty hamburgers are just as popular as hot dogs on campus and when you smoke those patties you are sure to get plenty of sales.

Pork sausages – Smoked pork sausages are the perfect snack for your fellow students.  They can munch these to stay full of energy while hustling and bustling on campus.

Corn – Smoked corn on a stick always looks attractive and tastes fantastic.  It is also easy to much healthier snack.

Smoked veggie packs – This is a perfect meal for your college buddies who might be trying to lose some weight.  Make deliciously smoked veggie packs so your friends can stay full of energy and shake those pounds.

Panini – Paninis are the upgrade for a normal smoked meat sandwich.  These foods taste great and are sure to be a hit on campus. Bread – Did you know that you can make smoked bread and muffins?  Well, you can and the smoky aroma of this bread will be a welcome addition to those other meats you sell.