Great Scholarship Options for Art Students

If your college aspirations involve studying art, you would likely love to find scholarships to help you make your dream come true. Whether you want to be a great illustrator like Stephen Collins, a painter like Gerhard Richter, or a photographer like Cindy Sherman, there are options out there. To help you get started on your scholarship applications, here are some options especially for the aspiring collegiate artist.

Great Scholarship Options for Art Students

National YoungArts Foundation

The National YoungArts Foundation offers competitive alternative scholarship opportunities to artists between the ages of 15 and 18. Applicants can qualify based on works in numerous arts categories including design, literary, visual, or performing arts.

Additional opportunities are also available to YoungArts applicants. Access to master classes featuring notable artists in one’s chosen field are available, as well as options for traditional mentoring. Students can also build their professional networks and find connections for long-term support throughout their careers.

Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships

Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships provides opportunities to minority students interested in pursuing the arts who are also interested if giving back to their local communities. Applicants must be studying the art or design fields in an approved college or university. Additionally, the college or university must be based in the United States.

The scholarships larger goal is to increase diversity in the fields or art and design while also helping disadvantaged communities through a higher level of involvement by young adults who have called the areas home.

Shutterfly Graphic Design Scholarship

Graphic design majors can apply for educational opportunities worth up to $5,500 for the applicant. Additionally, the program awards $4,500 to the community of the selected scholarship recipient to help support programs in the student’s former elementary, middle, and high school.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, a high school graduate, and currently enrolled in a graphic design program at an approved educational institution. Each candidate must submit an essay for consideration based on the topic chosen by the company.

Against the Grain Artistic Scholarship

Asian American students pursuing degrees in performing or visual arts, journalism, or mass communications can apply for the Against the Grain Artistic Scholarship to assist with the costs associated with completing a qualifying academic program. High school or college students actively working towards a degree may be eligible to apply.

Institutional Scholarship Options

Many colleges and universities that offer various arts and design programs offer scholarship opportunities specifically for enrolled students. These awards are often designed to assist with costs associated with tuition as well as other expenses like room and board, textbooks, and other supplies. In some cases, recipients will receive the awarded funds on a yearly basis as long as they remain eligible. This means that assistance is ongoing, often for up to four years.

One benefit of institutional scholarships is the limited amount of competition. While larger, national scholarships can have applicants from all over the country, institutional options are only available to students enrolled at the specific college or university, or within a particular university system.

Most institutional scholarships are listed on the college or university’s website. Otherwise, you can contact the financial aid office for additional information regarding potential scholarship options for arts or design majors. Additional application materials may be required, though these are available from the school as well.

Art Scholarships for the Aspiring Art Students

If you have always been good in art, then you know that this is one talent that you want to improve so that you can have a career that is related to art someday. Finding art scholarships however are a bit hard because there are not a lot of scholarships available. You may have tried looking far and wide and sometimes you have come across some sites like that is not actually related to what you are searching for. Still, your determination to find the right scholarships can pay off.

Art Scholarships for the Aspiring Art Students

In order to help you out, here are a few of the scholarships that are available that you can apply to:

  1. Lois Livingston McMillen Memorial Fund

This is only available for women who live within the victim of Connecticut Community Foundation who aspire to become art students. The amounts that they can give range from $500 – $4000. There is preference given to women who are more passionate about visual arts of painting and design. The money that will be awarded can be used to enrol in a college.

  1. Melton Art Reference Library Art Abroad Scholarship

This awards $1500 scholarships to different aspiring art students who are part of the Art Abroad Program. One of the requirements of the scholarship is that one of the classes that should be taken is an art class. Only those who are in need of financial help will be given the chance to be granted this type of scholarship.

  1. Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarships for Migrant Farmworkers

The application for this type of scholarship is a case to case to basis which explains why it does not have any deadlines. $500 grants are given to migrant farm workers who show interest in developing skills that are related to media and art. This type of scholarship does not require the people to actually apply in school but they should show how they managed to obtain doing agricultural work.

  1. Florence Lemke Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts

This is the scholarship provided by The American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Washington. This can be awarded to the children, grandchildren and even the great grandchildren of veterans who are from the Washington State. In order to be eligible, the applicants must be high school seniors who plan on pursuing education that is related to Fine Arts. Other requirements are the following:

  • High school transcript
  • A short essay about the topic
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  1. Japanese American Citizens League Creative & Performing Arts Scholarship

This is being offered by the Japanese American Citizens League and this is available to their young members. The recipients will be chosen depending on their academic merit, their ability to do art and their involvements in other activities that are deemed important by the organization. If you would like to submit an application so that you can get a scholarship, you will be required to submit the following:

  • A letter of recommendation
  • A personal statement composed of 2 pages
  • A sample artwork that will show off your artistic ability

These are just a few of the scholarships that you can consider when you aspire to become an art student. There may still be more available near you that you can try.