Campus Injuries – What Are Your Rights?

As a modern-day student, you are quite privileged because you have so many more rights to protect you than your parent or grandparents ever enjoyed.  But what good are rights if you don’t know you have them?  Most students have absolutely no idea of what their rights are as a human, as a student as a paying college attendee. 

You probably also have no idea what rights you have or what claims you can make towards your college for college injuries?  Well, here is a bit more information on your rights as a college student;

You Have the Right to Be Compensated

As a student to an accredited college, you do have the right to be compensated for injuries that were caused by negligence or violent actions of others on site.  Students can claim compensation for medical bills, study fees if they were unable to complete a semester and can even claim for emotional damage or distress.

Yes, You Do Need a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

If you want to make a personal injury claim then you will need the help of a skillful personal injury lawyer like Blackburn & Green. These experts are professionals in various injury fields including the following;

Vehicle accidents – In case you get hit by another student, teacher or employee of the campus on site.  Personal injury lawyers can help you if you were injured in a car, truck, motorcycle or bus accident.

Construction accidents – Construction accidents on campus are the worst kind to deal with because construction flaws can put so many students at risk.  If you got injured during a construction project, a constructional collapse or any other type of construction accident then you certainly can get compensation from the campus.

Dog bites – Did you get bitten by a teacher’s dog?  Well, you shouldn’t have to pay for a doctor, for reconstruction surgery or for the medications that result from the dog bite.  Seek out compensation to get those bills squished.

Slip & fall injuries – For some slip and fall injuries there just isn’t anything anyone can help you with but if your slip and fall were caused by a fall hazard then you can most certainly seek compensation.

Shock & electrocution injuries – Did you get shocked or electrocuted inside your dorm for doing nothing out of the ordinary?  This type of constructional flaw can be deadly and should be dealt with whether you require medical attention or not. 

Campus pool & drowning accidents – These accidents are just the worst but you or at least your parents can get compensated if the right pool safety measures were not taken by the campus.

There are many types of injuries for which you can claim compensation, especially if you are not financially strong enough to handle the consequences of the accidents or stupid mistakes made by others.  Seek out the advice of a personal injury lawyer so you can get the needed medical care without having to pay for the mistakes others made.